A Sad Tale

Sprockets Sez:

Okay so it's late again but in my defense my dear rabbit had an emergency on Thursday and have only just gotten back up to feeling okay again.

Still tinkering with the size of what I upload.

Still tinkering with how I paint these too. I may try to stream more of these just for sake of being more social and sharing what I do. It has been fun experimenting with the paint a bit - using more layers to give slightly different tones. Not saying I'll turn these into full paint jobs but... I may ease in that direction. For now, I'm going to enjoy seeing just what I can do with a color or two.

That said, I do miss the days of sticky notes. I may go back from time to time. I'm just following my bliss here!

Oh, and as a neat little note - I tried to make a gradient between the green to more of the blue since... well... things are getting sad. The scanner doesn't like to pick up the color the way I'd like so I'll have to keep that in mind later.