A Fuzzy Visitor

Sprockets Sez:

May be a day late but that's fine! We're still going!

Still not sure how I feel about the framing but I know it's due for an upgrade. Not bad but... not quite right either. I have the next few strips sketched out so fingers crossed things should go well update-wise.

Things have been... not so great lately. I'm trying my best to focus on every positive moment I can. I hope everyone stays safe out there and can rise above obvious fascism. Didn't think that would need to be said but here we are.

Tell those you care about what they mean to you. Even if you feel silly or redundant... it's important. I'm not so great at it myself and while it's easier to just share a pretty picture with the sentiments you wish to say... having your own words express it, however much you may trip over them, makes it that much more valuable.

Now, to write a letter to my grandma...