Need more XP

Sprockets Sez:

And we're back! That wasn't a hiatus that I had planned on, or can really pinpoint why it needed to happen outside of still healing from certain things, healing from *other* things, and having to deal with a lack of energy, creativity, and motivation...

Okay, so I guess those are good reasons. BUT STILL. Here we are right where we left off. I actually have a backlog now and will be moving back to the sticky note format. May be less cleaned up and digital too. More tinkering as I feel things out again. It's important to be able to feel the joy in this thing you are creating so I'm searching for that again. And half of the fun was messing around with the sticky notes.

I also learned to just do things for me. This comic is ultimately for *me* and while I hope others can enjoy her and her shenanigans as much as I do, she would lose her heart if I looked to please others in my telling of her story.

So join me on this wild ride of this wee reaper and how she meanders through learning about her world, her purpose, and how to help out some souls.