Update: Under Construction

Sprockets Sez:


SO. I am doing a shake-up with myself and the comic. I've been tinkering with things but I feel like now I just need to dive in. What's in the works is actually exciting me, so that's a good sign! I haven't been happy with the comic process for a while, and so that translates into me dragging my heels until it's time to update, or forgetting to even update (like I did today).

I took the last few hours and started trying out a different way of doing the comic. As with everything I do, there is no promise this will stick. But for right now, I am really digging it, and if I'm digging it then mayhaps someone else will to.

That has kinda been the basis of this whole comic thing to begin with. I enjoy drawing LRG but to be honest, it's been a while since it has brought me the true joy it used to. But this new way? At least right now, it's filling me with such good feels I hope that once it comes out it will do the same for you.

For now, though... all you'll need to do is wait until next weekend as I work things out. It's happening and I'm excited for the new format!